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Dear Resident

Challenge Henley Triathlon will take place on Sunday 8th September 2013. The athletes will swim 3.8k in the Thames, cycle 180k on closed roads and then complete a marathon. Your residence is on the cycle route so we have important information for you.

We must stress that although the cycle route is closed, this does not mean you can’t leave or return to your house. Based on feedback from previous years, we have implemented a new system that removes the need for direct communication with the race HQ, allowing vehicle movement to be unaffected by any communication issues.

The course has been divided in to sections, and each section will have dedicated motorcycle escorts patrolling up and down these sections. Any vehicle wanting access or egress will need to wait at the entrance point to the closed road and a motorcycle escort will pass and escort you in / out.

Normal waiting time should be between 5 and 10 minutes and a maximum wait time is expected to be no more than 20 minutes. We ask for your patience during the race and hope you are able enjoy the spectacle of the race. Please note: emergency services vehicles will be given access and priority at all times.

Roads will commence closure from 04:00 and we expect to start opening the cycle route on a rolling basis from 14:00.

Below is detailed information regarding the Access and Egress points for Residents living on the cycle route: Detailed information and maps of the route can be found at

A4130 Fair Mile

Residents living on the south side of Fair Mile will be escorted in the direction of the race to Bix crossing. When they wish to return they should await escort in Henley at the bottom of Fair Mile

Residents living on the north side of Fair Mile will be escorted in the direction of the race to Henley. To return they need to await escort at Lower Assendon on the B480

Prior to 09:30 when the A4155 is reopened it will be difficult for Residents to get from Henley to Assendon. The contingency plan will be for them to be escorted along the route and crossed over at their driveway.

The row of houses on the route just beyond Bix crossing will be able to come and go via a coned off lane along the route to Bix crossing and then along Bix Hill to Lower Assendon.

B481 between Nettlebed and Highmoor Cross

There is expected to be very little traffic on this part off the route. Residents on both sides will be escorted off the route to Highmoor Cross.

B481 between Highmoor Cross and Bolts Cross

Residents living on the West side of the route will be escorted in the direction of the race so that they exit at Highmoor Cross and access via the B481 at Bolts Cross

Residents living on the East side will access via the western end of Rocky Lane and exit on the eastern end of Rocky Lane

Between Bolts Cross and Greys Road

Residents living on the Southern side will access via Greys Road and exit onto the B482 Peppard Hill.

Residents on the Northern side will access via the Eastern end of Rock Lane and exit onto Greys Road

Timbers Lane between A4130 and Three Corner Common

Between Nuffield Hill and the A4130 residents on the north side of the Road will enter from Nuffield Hill and exit onto the A4130. On the Southern side they will enter from the A4130 and exit into Nuffield Hill.

Between Nuffield Hill and Kits Lane residents on the eastern side of the road will access via Nuffield Hill and leave via Kits lane. On the western side they will leave and enter via Nuffield Hill.


Access to Nettlebed will be from the north. Approach from Watlington, and then follow the signed diversion to Christmas Common to join the route at the junction of the B480 where they will be escorted along the route to the bottom of the B481 in Nettlebed. On passing Huntercombe End, the escort will end and vehicles will be filtered to the right hand side of the centre cone line. They will continue on this side turning right onto the A4130.

Marshals will be on hand to assist vehicles crossing into and out of their driveways.

Between Huntercombe End and Timbers Lane there will be two cone lines. The northern most lane will be for cars exiting Nettlebed. They will be crossed over the cycle route at the bottom of Huntercombe End via traffic management operatives with Stop/Go boards.

Nettlebed to Watlington turn point

For Residents on the western side of the Road:-

Residents below Church Lane will access and exit via Church Lane

Residents between Church Lane and Britwell Hill will access via Church Lane and exit via Britwell Hill

Residents on the eastern side of the road will access via the B480 Patemore Lane and proceed through Nettlebed to exit heading west on the A4130

Howe Hill

Residents on both sides of the road will be able to enter from Watlington and leave onto Patemore Lane.

For information before race day please contact the Oxfordshire Council helpline on 08453101111 (open Monday to Fridays until Friday 6th September. Alternatively you can contact Just Racing by email at or telephone 01933 353216. Should you need to contact us in an emergency on the day please telephone 01491 570535. Please note you do not need to call this number for an escort.

Kind Regards

Alan Rose

Event Organiser Challenge Henley

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