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‚ÄčUpdates from people that have been helped by the Trust.

Alessandro  Hardwick - French Trip Summer 2013

My name is Alessandro Hardwick and I am 13 years old. I live in Nuffield and go to Langtree School.

This year Langtree school had a trip that I went to France for a week for a cultural trip to visit different towns in Brittany such as Cancale, Dinan and Saint Marlo. We also had the chance to do a water sports day at the end of the week.

Cancale is a town well known for oysters and there are oyster farms along the beaches. The reason the oysters like Cancale is because they are sheltered by the strong winds therefore they rarely get disturbed by the tide change. The tour de France passed through Cancale that day to we went to go watch it and I was amazed by how fast they pass.

Dinan is a medieval town on the top of a hill surrounded by a big wall and then inside there are shops, houses and lots of restaurants. We learnt about Dinan and why is was a wealthy town. The reason is lots of goods could get imported into the town because of the river flowing at the bottom of the hill.

Saint Marlo is also a medieval town but is by the sea. It is a big town packed with shops, houses, restaurants and one very nice sweetshop. We had to do a trail around the town and soon enough it was time to go to the aquarium. At the aquarium I saw some of the most amazing fish all different colours, shapes and sizes.

On the water sports day we had lots of activities to do such as volleyball, windsurfing kayaking and sailing on a catamaran. On the catamaran I was worried I would capsize it because you could really fast and was quite wavy. Then the kayaking was fun because we played lots of games and we went on the choppy sea. Sadly I didn't have a chance to go on the other activities but the day was still a lot of fun.

Thank you Nuffield trust for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip. I really enjoyed it and loved being able to practise my French with real French people.




Ben Vernon 05/05/13

I am 22 years of age and have lived in Nuffield all my life. I started work as a golf course green keeper immediately after leaving school at age 16.

I have been given the opportunity to participate in an internship programme in Pennsylvania, USA for a 9-month period starting in March of this year. The programme involves being placed at a PGA Golf Course where I will receive training, both practical and classroom, in green keeping  methodology as practised in the USA as well as being encouraged to immerse myself in the community within which I will be staying. The placement is one supported by Defra.

This experience should be a very positive one and I am keen to participate in it as I feel it could benefit me in my chosen career as well as offering a wonderful opportunity for my own personal development through the experience of living in a different country. 

The original plan changed and I didn't end up in Pittsburgh; instead I have been sent to Oklahoma. I am living somewhere called Monkey Island (haven't seen a monkey yet!) and the course where I am working on is the Shangri La Golf Club. It is a 27-hole course set around a lake. I have been working now for 4 weeks and already the experience has been very beneficial. Learning about the different types of grasses and how the different climate is affecting the course is all a new experience for me but one that I am really enjoying.

I am sure the next few months will keep challenging me but that is why I am here.