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Nuffield Primary School Trust

Next Deadline for Applications: 
The Nuffield Primary School Trust is delighted to report it has again been able to support many children and young people in the village in a whole range of activities, whether it be contributing towards school trips, helping with music and sports costs, or paying for after-school activities. We have also been able to agree to requests for assistance from students following college courses. The trust also supports major projects in local schools (such as Nettlebed) where the children from our parish attend.

If you live in the parish of Nuffield and would like more information or want to submit a request to take advantage of this wonderful facility that the village fought hard to establish, simply write to or email the Trust's secretary, Geoff Hardwick (

Grants are all made on a term-by-term basis and the trustees want as many children and young people as possible to benefit. So, if you  would like to consider approaching the trust for any assistance with any educational activity, which can include sporting or social activities, for anyone aged 25 or under, don't miss the next deadline!