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​Nuffield Plan Update March 2013 v1 – Geoff Giles



Progress Made




Nuffield Fete & Flower FestivalDone, now an annual eventAchievedHighCommunity Activity
Nuffield Plan QuestionnaireCompletedAchievedHigh 
Support for a meeting place - Nuffield Place.CompletedDoneHighCommunity facilities
Provide insurance for events.Bought as requiredDoneMedium 
Provide a website to advertise events and inform the community of parish information.Completed, ongoing updates etcDoneHighAccess to information
Support the re-opening of the Crown Pub.Pub openDoneHighCommunity facilities
Look at the possibility of the community taking over the running of the pub.Not considered viableDoneMediumCommunity facilities, Voluntary & community activity
Build up a list of e-mail addresses for communication (including the distribution of the newsletter).Newsletter continues to ask for email addressesOngoingMediumAccess to information
Encourage the integration of a shop/post office with the pub.In discussion with landlordIn progressMediumShopping & services
Put a noticeboard in Huntercombe.InstalledDoneMediumAccess to information
Continue to financially support the quarterly newsletter.Ongoing through the Parish CouncilDoneOngoingAccess to information
Push broadband providers to get all areas up to at least 2Mbps.Ongoing with two Village Champions, liaising with NettlebedIn progressHighShopping & services
Actively support the introduction of super-fast broadband.OngoingIn progressMediumShopping & services
Access alternative broadband technologies that may provide excellent services to the Nuffield community.OngoingIn progressMediumShopping & services
Keep the website updated with details of the BT Infinity rollout program and when the Parish can expect to have access.OngoingIn progressMediumAccess to information
Pass information onto the local bus service providers for a response which will be fed back to the community via the Nuffield Parish News. In progressTBCPublic transport provision
Approach the National Trust about using some of the gardens attached to Nuffield Place for allotments.Ongoing, Nuffield Place is aware of our interestIn progressMediumNatural environment
Identify suitable land that the Parish Council may be able to buy or lease for the use of allotments.Stalled  In progressTBCNatural environment
Get practical support from the residents of Oakley Court who have recently set up allotments.Stalled In progressTBCNatural environment
Continue to promote parish walks and encourage locals to join in and enjoy our local rights of way.Ongoing eventDoneMediumPublic rights of way
Keep Fred's Field in useable condition and promote more village use for community activities without disturbing the neighbouring houses.Achieved and field cleaned up for community use, fences repaired, ground cleared etcDoneHighNatural environment
Continue to enjoy the open views and flora and fauna of Nuffield Common.OngoingIn progressTBCNatural environment
Set up litter picking events several times a year or as required.These continue to be set up, next one 24 March 2013!!DoneMediumEnvironmental health & pollution
Continue to support the Nuffield Church whenever possible.OngoingDoneMediumCommunity facilities
Keep the play areas (Fred's Field and playground) well maintained.Completed and ongoingDoneMediumFacilities for younger children
Look at the possibility of a youth club in the Church.Not viable with current premisesDoneMediumFacilities for teenagers
Look at the possibility of indoor youth facilities at Nuffield Place.Not viable with current premisesDoneMediumCultural, sporting & recreational facilities
Improve liaison with Huntercombe Golf Club.Regular meetings set upAchievedMediumCommunity facilities
Report data from the questionnaire to the Nuffield County Primary School Trust.Done  AchievedMediumProvision of local schools
Set up a small working group to assess technologies and providers of renewable energy and continue to inform the community of such opportunities, liaising with local authorities as to planning regulations and grants etc.Stalled In progressMediumEnergy
Inform the Nettlebed Health Centre of the questionnaire results and seek lines of communication from the Centre to our community as required via the Nuffield Parish News and Nuffield Parish Website.OngoingIn progressMediumAccess to health care
Small working groups to be set up to contact Thames Valley Police to develop Neighbourhood Watch and Speed Watch schemes, then seek volunteers to be trained in these schemes. Also to assess roadside devices and signs to warn drivers of speed limits etc.Stalled In progressMediumCommunity safety, Traffic management