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Welcome to the first edition of 2013!  First order of business is to remind you that the Newsletter does rely on yourselves, the inhabitants of our scenic Parish, to let us know about any event/activity/interest so we can publicise it in the newsletter.

As we move towards the summer, most of us are probably hoping for a slight improvement on last year's weather which proved to be the wettest drought on record!  One of your councillors is a farmer and we never saw him on the cricket pitch last season such was the disruption to the farming calendar!


Your Local MP –John Howell

John Howell's website is regularly updated and offers information on his work both in Westminster and in the constituency. Its address is In addition, if you would like to subscribe to his free e-newsletter please e mail him at:  You can now also follow him on twitter @johnhowellmp

Nuffield Parish Council Chairman's Report 2012 – 2013

Financial Position: 

The balance at the end of the financial year will be approximately £5,500. This equates roughly to one year's precept (£5,700) which we have held at the same level as 2011 to 2012. This seems a reasonable level and gives us scope to deal with odd repairs and requests as needed.

The main payments made in the year were for insurance (£900), auditors (£250) and the Clerk's salary (£2,300).

In Huntercombe we have provided two new salt bins although the residents have to pay for the refills as they are not on public land. We are very pleased to say that the prison is refilling one of them as they benefit from the bins as well! A salt bin has also been put at the top of Nuffield Hill.  The cost of each bin was £250.

Our regular donations were made to the newsletter, ORCC, Chiltern society, Open space, CAB, OPFA and the Milestone Society. We also gave a donation to the Sue Ryder Home at Nettlebed (£100). 

Parish Council: 

My thanks go to all the councillors for all their support and time and also especially to our Clerk, Claire Dunk, who keeps us on the straight and narrow.  We welcomed Gill Austin as a new councillor last July who replaced Geoff Hardwick.  Geoff continues to update and monitor our parish website.

We have enjoyed having parishioners attend Parish Council meetings, and their comments and contributions. It is also nice to see a representative of Huntercombe Residents Association at our meetings. Everyone is always welcome to attend!

We thank Nuffield Place and Huntercombe Hall for letting us have our meetings in comfort and warmth. 


The Parish Council is looking into either leasing, or possibly buying, Fred's Field to protect it from unwanted development in the future. This is only an idea to date and the Parish Council is waiting for more information from OCC re costs and probability.  

Nuffield Place:  

Nuffield Place has had its first open year and is pleased with the interest shown by the visitors. The weather was hardly a help for them to gain a greater number of visitors. They have kindly let us hold Parish Council Meetings in the evenings and are very anxious to link with the local community. They are now building a car park and they always welcome visitors to their café.  We were able to use Nuffield Place as a polling station for the recent vote.  They are always pleased to welcome volunteers!  Jane Geenhaf is the new general manager for Nuffield Place and Greys Court.  

Parish Events: 

The Church held a fete last June on a really cold and windy day. This day raised about £600 for Nuffield Church.

In September I gave a flute recital in the beautifully decorated church with Sally Goodworth at the piano, and this raised about £600.

There were generous donations in memory of Brian Holloway towards the repair of one of the church windows.

There was a quiz night in the Crown in October in aid of the Church. A busy evening for the Crown, and they generously provided the food.

There were other fund-raising events and I feel the church is making a lot of effort to raise funds. I know they are struggling as the cost of simply maintaining the church building itself is very considerable.  


There are several parishioners who are with a working party to try and improve the broadband speed in this area.

The Nuffield web site is up and running but really needs some help to boost its information. Response from the community is limited despite asking for input through the Nuffield Parish News.

Dave Wood continues to produce the Nuffield Parish News four times a year. He has an excellent sense of humour and takes a lot of trouble to produce and deliver it. Many thanks go to him.

My thanks go to David Edwards who has made a spectacular notice board to go in the bus shelter in the village. It is being well used. 

Parish Plan: 

Much has been achieved from the time that the plan was first talked about.  Below is an update which Geoff Giles has very kindly produced recently. I think the Parish has covered a lot even though there is still more that could be done.

A speed monitor will be placed near the bus stop on Timbers Lane to see exactly how fast and how many cars are speeding through. We hope this will give us a concrete source of information to act upon.  

Amenities and Footpaths: 

John Case has very kindly offered to check all the Nuffield Parish foot paths and keep in touch with the Parish Council should he have any queries.

The Crown is now being run by Sallie and Paul. They are full of enterprise and enthusiasm.

Colin Vernon is now regularly tidying and looking after the playground in Nuffield and keeping an eye on the edges of Fred's Field. We thank Huntercombe Golf Club for cutting the grass in Fred's Field.

We held our first litter pick for a while last December and have now planned two more for this year, to take place on 24th  of both March and November. All helpers welcome. We will meet at 10a.m on these dates at Fred's Field to collect equipment.

The 8th Henley Triathlon has given rise to many objections and hard feelings.  I believe Nuffield has managed to keep the essential places open, i.e.  Nuffield Place, the Prison and The Crown, but of course it causes a lot of inconvenience to individual households.  

Local Boundary Commission: 

We are still awaiting the Local Boundary Commissions review to see which parishes in the area will be in a ward with us. South Oxfordshire District Council opposed a new big two member ward for

the area although the Parish was happy with this arrangement. 

Kate Coghlan


Nuffield Parish Council

March 2013

Nuffield Plan Update March 2013 v1 – Geoff Giles


Progress Made




Nuffield Fete & Flower FestivalDone, now an annual eventAchievedHighCommunity Activity
Nuffield Plan QuestionnaireCompletedAchievedHigh 
Support for a meeting place - Nuffield Place.CompletedDoneHighCommunity facilities
Provide insurance for events.Bought as requiredDoneMedium 
Provide a website to advertise events and inform the community of parish information.Completed, ongoing updates etcDoneHighAccess to information
Support the re-opening of the Crown Pub.Pub openDoneHighCommunity facilities
Look at the possibility of the community taking over the running of the pub.Not considered viableDoneMediumCommunity facilities, Voluntary & community activity
Build up a list of e-mail addresses for communication (including the distribution of the newsletter).Newsletter continues to ask for email addressesOngoingMediumAccess to information
Encourage the integration of a shop/post office with the pub.In discussion with landlordIn progressMediumShopping & services
Put a noticeboard in Huntercombe.InstalledDoneMediumAccess to information
Continue to financially support the quarterly newsletter.Ongoing through the Parish CouncilDoneOngoingAccess to information
Push broadband providers to get all areas up to at least 2Mbps.Ongoing with two Village Champions, liaising with NettlebedIn progressHighShopping & services
Actively support the introduction of super-fast broadband.OngoingIn progressMediumShopping & services
Access alternative broadband technologies that may provide excellent services to the Nuffield community.OngoingIn progressMediumShopping & services
Keep the website updated with details of the BT Infinity rollout program and when the Parish can expect to have access.OngoingIn progressMediumAccess to information
Pass information onto the local bus service providers for a response which will be fed back to the community via the Nuffield Parish News. In progressTBCPublic transport provision
Approach the National Trust about using some of the gardens attached to Nuffield Place for allotments.Ongoing, Nuffield Place is aware of our interestIn progressMediumNatural environment
Identify suitable land that the Parish Council may be able to buy or lease for the use of allotments.Stalled  In progressTBCNatural environment
Get practical support from the residents of Oakley Court who have recently set up allotments.Stalled In progressTBCNatural environment
Continue to promote parish walks and encourage locals to join in and enjoy our local rights of way.Ongoing eventDoneMediumPublic rights of way
Keep Fred's Field in useable condition and promote more village use for community activities without disturbing the neighbouring houses.Achieved and field cleaned up for community use, fences repaired, ground cleared etcDoneHighNatural environment
Continue to enjoy the open views and flora and fauna of Nuffield Common.OngoingIn progressTBCNatural environment
Set up litter picking events several times a year or as required.These continue to be set up, next one 24 March 2013!!DoneMediumEnvironmental health & pollution
Continue to support the Nuffield Church whenever possible.OngoingDoneMediumCommunity facilities
Keep the play areas (Fred's Field and playground) well maintained.Completed and ongoingDoneMediumFacilities for younger children
Look at the possibility of a youth club in the Church.Not viable with current premisesDoneMediumFacilities for teenagers
Look at the possibility of indoor youth facilities at Nuffield Place.Not viable with current premisesDoneMediumCultural, sporting & recreational facilities
Improve liaison with Huntercombe Golf Club.Regular meetings set upAchievedMediumCommunity facilities
Report data from the questionnaire to the Nuffield County Primary School Trust.Done  AchievedMediumProvision of local schools
Set up a small working group to assess technologies and providers of renewable energy and continue to inform the community of such opportunities, liaising with local authorities as to planning regulations and grants etc.Stalled In progressMediumEnergy
Inform the Nettlebed Health Centre of the questionnaire results and seek lines of communication from the Centre to our community as required via the Nuffield Parish News and Nuffield Parish Website.OngoingIn progressMediumAccess to health care
Small working groups to be set up to contact Thames Valley Police to develop Neighbourhood Watch and Speed Watch schemes, then seek volunteers to be trained in these schemes. Also to assess roadside devices and signs to warn drivers of speed limits etc.Stalled In progressMediumCommunity safety, Traffic management


Nuffield Place

Here is a list of events that we have coming up at Nuffield Place up until the end of June: 

  • 29th March Morris Centenary
  • 30th/31st March A 1930's Easter Eggstravaganza
  • 21st April Tea and Tiaras
  •  24th 27th April Bluebell Week
  • 18th/19th May Hatpins and Bowlers 
  • 1st/2nd June Coronation Weekend  

For more information, please contact or phone 01491 642857

'Better' news for disabled people - Discounted Leisure Centre Membership is Launched in South Oxfordshire

Disabled people living in South Oxfordshire can benefit from discounted access to their local sports and leisure facilities thanks to a new initiative launched this week by charitable social enterprise GLL, the council's leisure contractor.

The new Better Health and Fitness Inclusive membership card was launched at the House of Commons on Wednesday 9th January 2012 by Giles Long MBE, Paralympic Gold Medallist and Broadcaster and means that disabled residents will be able to join Henley Leisure Centre, Didcot Leisure Centre, Didcot Wave, Abbey Sports Centre in Berinsfield and Park Sports Centre near Wheatley for just £19.95 a month, while their carers will be able to use the facilities for free.  The new membership will also allow cardholders to use any other GLL-operated sports or leisure facility in the UK for no additional cost.

Holders of a 'Better Inclusive' card will enjoy significantly discounted memberships with an extensive range of benefits.   The key elements and benefits of membership include:

  • Access to more than 100 GLL centres – enabling cross borough usage
  • Access to centres at any time (not restricted to off-peak times)
  • Inclusive access to the gym, swimming, group exercise classes and a fitness induction
  • Carers of disabled customers given free access to centre
  • No joining fee and no minimum contract
  • Available as a direct debit or annual membership
  • Six days advance telephone booking
  • Online booking for activities
  • Access to courses and other member only activities
  • Up to 30 per cent off non member prices for any other activities.  

To be eligible for a Better Inclusive card, customers must be over 16 years old and meet one of the following criteria:  severe disablement allowance; mobility allowance; disability living allowance; industrial injuries disablement benefit; disablement benefit; attendance allowance; employment and support allowance. For further information please contact: 

Hendriette Thorn

Participation Co-ordinator

Economy, Leisure and Property at South Oxfordshire District Council

Contact: or 01491 823175 


Binfo – From South Oxfordshire District Council

Staying up to date with your waste collections is now easier than ever.

Binfo, our waste and recycling collections app knows everything there is to know about when your bins will be collected, those who already have the service benefited from updates during the recent snow and Christmas bank holidays.

If you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone you can download and install the Binfo app – it's completely free!  Simply input your postcode and select your address or use the handy GPS location feature when you're at home, and Binfo will tell you when your next waste collection will be. He can tell you what you can put in each bin.

That's not all – Binfo will also notify you when there is a change to your collections due to bank holidays or adverse weather.  He will also help you sign up to the garden waste scheme if you aren't already a customer.


We regularly update Binfo with new features, so keep an eye out for notifications on your phone informing you that there are updates to download.

Binfo does everything that our text notification service does, so if you decide to download Binfo and are currently subscribed to the text service then please unsubscribe by sending a text containing the word Binfo to 07797 870371.

Don't worry if you don't have an iPhone or an Android phone, we will continue to keep you all up to date using all of the traditional channels such as regular waste collection calendars delivered to your door in Outlook and on our website. 

Ipsden Cricket Club – Newcomers Always Welcome! 

Unfortunately, Nuffield does not have its own cricket team therefore a few parishioners play for Ipsden CC in one of our neighbouring villages.  We play all our games on Sunday, although we do have our first 20/20 Friday fixture this season!

We have pre-season nets on 24th March, 7th April and 14th April.  The nets are held at Moulsford Prep School (on the left hand side as you drive down the A329 from Wallingford) between 5 and 6.30pm.

If you can't make nets then please come and visit us at our very scenic ground in Ipsden.  Our first 2 home games are on 28th April and 5th May.  Please visit our website at

More importantly, we tend to retire to the King William pub in Hailey after our home games to debate the day's endeavours! 

Nuffield Primary School Trust

The Trust is delighted to report it has again been able to support many children and young people in the village in a whole range of activities.  Without being specific in order to protect the anonymity of the children who have benefited, the Trust has funded various sporting activities that would make up an impressive equivalent of the Olympics as well as music lessons on a multitude of different instruments that should mean Nuffield Parish could set up a band or even an orchestra!

If you live in the Parish of Nuffield and would like more information or want to submit a request to take advantage of this wonderful facility that the village fought hard to establish, simply write to or email the Trust's secretary, John Jackman (Nuffield Hill Cottage, Nuffield RG9 5SN

Grants are all made on a term-by-term basis and the next deadline for applications is Monday 22nd April 2013.  The Trustees want as many children and young people as possible to benefit.  So, if you'd like to consider approaching the trust for assistance with any educational activity, which can include sporting or social activities, for anyone aged under 25, then don't miss this deadline! 

Volunteer Opportunities on the River Thames - Demetri Somarakis

Last year, the Games Makers were lauded as making a tremendous contribution to the success of the Olympics. On the river Thames, volunteers were making a similar impact helping boaters at the 45 locks along its length between Lechlade and Teddington.   

The Environment Agency, which is navigation authority for the Thames, is now recruiting for the 2013 season and are looking for volunteers who can commit to assisting at least one day a week between May and the end of September. Volunteers can agree their hours with lock keepers but need to be available at least from 11 to 5.  Volunteers are particularly needed along the river between Reading and Lechlade.  Volunteering is a great way to meet people and to find out more about the Thames, its history, wildlife and management. At the same time volunteers know that they are doing something worthwhile that is really appreciated.

 Our Volunteer Assistant Lock Keepers work alongside paid lock keepers. They help boats pass through the lock safely: taking ropes, directing traffic, and operating sluices and lock gates. They help maintain the site: painting, tidying and gardening. They provide information to visitors, be they on foot or afloat, so that they can make the best of their time on the river. Visitors really appreciate the local knowledge that volunteers can provide. 

 All applicants are invited to an assessment at a local lock. Here they will have the role explained to them and be shown what it involves in practical terms. They will also be assessed to decide which site may be most appropriate for them and to ensure that they have the physical capabilities required. After successful completion of the assessment, they attend an induction course which focuses on safety and preparing them for the lock side.

 On the lock side the volunteers follow a documented training programme before being signed off to take charge of the lock on their own. This will only be for short periods, while the paid keeper is at lunch for example. The volunteers are there to augment the service provided by paid staff rather than to replace them.

Volunteers are provided with some uniform and can claim mileage for travel to and from their lock (subject to a daily maximum). They also receive a monthly newsletter which keeps them in touch with what is going on along the river and other activities of the Environment Agency.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering on the Thames and to receive an information pack and application form, please contact the Volunteer team on 01491 828360 or email 

Woodcote Rally

Woodcote Rally 13-14th July.  Opening times are 10am to 11pm on the Saturday and 10am to 6pm on the Sunday.  Entry prices if tickets are ordered in advance are £20 for a family ticket (2 adults + up to 3 children), £8 for an adult, £4 for a child with children under 5 free. If tickets are bought on the gate then the prices are slightly more expensive. There is ample free parking on site.  For more information please go to 

Summer News Deadline 30th May


We will be producing a Summer edition of the Nuffield News in June 2013, so if you want your event or likewise advertised then please send all the details to by the 30th May please.